27 october 2017

NANO Antivirus Pro was tested for compatibility and usability for the systems “1C:Enterprise 8.3” as an antivirus program.

According to the results of tests NANO Antivirus Pro is considered compatible with systems “1C: Enterprise 8.3”.

NANO Antivirus Pro ensures data security in “1C: Enterprise” environment and can be used on the workstations where “1C:Enterprise” is installed.

17 october 2017

At the request of our users we start again our advertising action "Protect all!"

You can buy the most popular "NANO Antivirus Pro 1000 days of protection" per 1000 rubles instead the regular price 1299 rubles! You can protect up to 16 devices with the only one dynamic license.

The advertising action is valid till 15 November 2017.

24 august 2017

Advertising action “Just in case” is intended for provident users!

Do you like to spend money cleverly? So this advertising action is special for you!

Buy any two licenses of the same nominal and get third license absolutely free! Only from 25 August till 25 September 2017.

10 august 2017

We are proud so much to claim our fifth VB100 certification! Out product NANO Antivirus Pro achieved its first VB100 in 2016 and we worked hardly to earn it. And now we celebrate already the fifth confirmation of highest quality and reliability of our product from Virus Bulletin, one of the world leaders in security software testing.

VB is the most know and mature testing laboratory based in Great Britain. They perform tests of anti-malware products starting from 1998. Some words from the VB100 team:
“NANO has impressed over the last few tests with a steady trend of improvement across the board”.
“The product looks clean and simple, and managed to complete all tests without the slightest sign of instability.”
“The product is clear and easy to use, and proved remarkably stable under the heavy strain of our testing processes, showing no signs of stability issues at all.”
“NANO should be proud of its performance in our tests of late, picking up its first few passes and showing every sign of becoming a solidly dependable product.”.

19 june 2017

Wonder how many licenses you need to buy to protect all your devices? Stop to break your head! Buy the dynamic license of NANO Antivirus Pro and save time and money!

You can buy the most popular and called for NANO Antivirus Pro 1000 days of protection per 1000 rubles instead the regular price 1299 rubles! You can protect up to 16 devices with the only one license.

Only from 21 June till 31 July 2017.