NANO Antivirus Pro features map

Detection of all types of malware

There are many different types of malware. They differ by the ways they spread, characteristics of its malicious activities, treatment measures. NANO Antivirus Pro provides protection against all types of malware: banking Trojans, encryptors, screen blockers, potentially unwanted programs, adware, spyware, etc.

File protection

This type of protection ensures the safety of your computer during daily work. When file protection is enabled, every file accessed by the user or the operating system is immediately checked for malware. If after scanning such file is considered suspicious or malicious, it will be immediately locked.

Secure web browsing

When working in Internet, infection may occur not only as a result of downloading and running infected files posing as safe, but also without user's awareness. In such situations Web Protection helps to prevent your computer from infections. All files downloaded from the Internet are checked "on-the-fly", and if a threat is detected files will be immediately blocked.

High speed performance

The scanning speed is an important antivirus characteristic. NANO Antivirus Pro is based on a modern high-performance antivirus engine. Antivirus can use all the advanced capabilities of multi-core systems to speed up the work. This allows maximizing the speed of all tasks, without slowing down the computer and providing its reliable protection.

Cloud protection technologies

In order for NANO Antivirus Pro to be more reliable, we use modern technologies that dynamically compare suspicious files with samples from constantly replenished real-time sample sets on our servers.

Regular update every 4 hours

In order to effectively detect current threats, the antivirus must be updated regularly. Our own antivirus laboratory continuously receives samples of the latest malware from various sources. Regular updates of the virus database are frequently issued, providing operational protection against the latest threats.

Incremental update mode

An incremental update means that instead of a full virus definitions download, only user's information on changed data, which is currently missing, is transmitted. This type of update is provided by NANO Antivirus Pro, allowing you to significantly reduce the update time and the amount of data received.

All archive formats processing

To detect malicious programs placed in the archive or protected by a special packer, the antivirus should be able to determine the absence of malicious code in any files packed in this way. NANO Antivirus Pro supports all known formats of archives and packers, preventing the penetration of any threats into the system.

Heuristic analysis

The heuristic analysis is designed to identify the latest malicious files that have not yet been detected by the virus lab and have not been listed in the database. As a rule, programs that threaten security exhibit behavioral features that allow the antivirus, even if there is no coincidence in the virus database, uniquely identify the program as malicious.

Malware treatment

Timely detection of malicious programs seems very important to ensure the security of your computer. However, it does not always happen. NANO Antivirus Pro function is to treat malicious programs that have previously penetrated into the system. This allows you to restore the computer and the infected user data.

Intuitive interface

The user-friendly NANO Antivirus Pro interface allows even an unprepared user to easily understand the work with the program without any problems. You do not need to configure the program and have any instructions to start working. Immediately after installing NANO Antivirus Pro on your computer you are already protected. If necessary, you can refer to the antivirus help system.

Automatic check of removable media

One of the sources for malware penetration onto the computer is external storage media. It is strongly recommended to check any removable media before its use. NANO Antivirus Pro immediately scans (when the auto-scan option is enabled) any removable media connected to the PC for malware.

Working mode optimization based on hardware configuration

NANO Antivirus Pro is designed to be installed on various PC configurations, so it is able to flexibly adapt to the capabilities of a particular computer. Low resource consumption is ensured on machines of the initial configuration. And as for powerful multi-core processors, the antivirus uses a special interaction scheme, allowing the maximum acceleration of all tasks.

Integration with Windows

A modern antivirus must correctly interact with the computer's operating system for its security and convenience. NANO Antivirus Pro fully integrates with all versions of Windows OS specified in the system requirements of the program. The full embedding of program controls into the Windows interface makes working with the antivirus even more convenient.

Express scan

To optimize the mode of computer checks, we recommend using express scan, which is much faster than full scan and can be configured to automatic run each time the antivirus starts. Express scanning checks only the most vulnerable areas, promptly identifying any signs of active infection.

Interface customization

NANO Antivirus Pro offers the best way to configure the interface "on-the-fly" in order to most comfortably fit the program into your virtual space. You can provide maximum convenience and functionality with a few simple settings, without reinstalling the antivirus. There are several options for the interface appearance and localization.

Game mode

When full-screen applications are running (games, video playback), pop-up notifications can distract a user. NANO Antivirus Pro offers to use the game mode of operation. Antivirus automatically (by default) detects full-screen applications running and automatically switches to game mode. Notifications will not appear during the game mode operation.

Fine-tune capability of operation modes

NANO Antivirus Pro is capable to flexibly configure tasks performed by antivirus for convenient and safe operation. You can create your own scan and update tasks with predefined scan settings and configure launch at a user-friendly schedule. You can also protect the settings with a secure password.

Extended technical support

When a question or problem arises, it is important to get a prompt support in a convenient way. NANO Antivirus Pro provides various channels of communication with the technical support service. Highly qualified employees of the company provide assistance via e-mail, Skype, telephone. You can also ask any question and get an answer at the official forum.

Unique licensing system

Dynamic licensing allows users to flexibly dispose their license, independently choosing the number of protected devices and receiving bonus protection days as a gift.

License certificate

It is possible to obtain a "paper" license in the form of a certificate confirming the authenticity of the electronic license used. It is actual for organizations where additional confirmation of the legitimacy of the software is required.

Simultaneous work of several users

In cases where several users are working on the same PC under different accounts, the correct operation of the antivirus in multi-user mode is extremely important. NANO Antivirus Pro fully supports this mode, providing an access to the full functionality of the program for each user.

Console scanner

Console scanner is intended mainly for advanced users, as well as for professionals whose work in the field of computer security is their professional activity. Console scan allows you to perform all tasks of the antivirus without launching the graphical user interface (GUI).

Offline update

Only a regularly updated antivirus can be really reliable. However, there are situations when, for some reasons, there is no Internet access on the computer. For such cases, it is possible to download the actual update on any PC with Internet access and then transfer it to a computer that is not connected to the Internet to keep the antivirus up-to-date.