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NANO AV & loading speed of web pages
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Автор:  ya [ 25 апр 2012 12:54 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  NANO AV & loading speed of web pages

Dear NANO Antivirus users!

There were few complaints to support about slowing down of loading speed of some web pages. Unfortunately, for lack of concrete information it`s not possible to repeat the problem.

According to this we appeal to users, who have encountered the same problem. Please, make sure that slowing-down is the result of NANO Antivirus work: turn off Web Guard and reload the page (using the keyboard shotcut "Ctrl+R"), then turn on Web Guard and reload the page again (using the keyboard shotcut "Ctrl+R"). If the cause of the problem is NANO Antivirus, please, send logs to support (write in description field the problem page adress and name of browser which you use). Use the proper shortcut to send the logs: "Start\Programs\NANO Antivirus\Send logs to support"

Thank you for your cooperation!

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